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    Massive shoulder injury

    Hey guys, this happened yesterday.

    I was doing dumbbell incline bench press with about 55lbs in each hand.

    My head got itchy so I STUPIDLY tried to stratch my head on my arm, with my elbows at full extension. This was not good.

    My right arm was forced back, and twisted around, in a way it should not be.

    I dropped both weights, and the left one smashed me in the head, causing a huge bump on my head.

    The pain in my shoulder at the time was the biggest pain I ever felt. I felt light headed, and I almost passed out. I had to lie down on the gym floor to try not to pass out.

    Now, my shoulder kills. I move it forward, and up, but any other motion kills it.

    What's wrong with it? What can I do? How long will it take to heal?

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    Well lol thats a lesson right there. drop the weights then scratch not scratch while pushing weight. go to the doctors first as you might have done some damage on the rotator but just REST ICE COMPRESS ELEVATE till you see him and find out what the deal is

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