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    My ance gel testing results

    Hey bros, i know some of u are having the same problem i am with acne from ur cycles. Iv never had any trouble with it growing up and it only started after starting AS. I had it pretty bad on my back and shoulders. Enough so i wouldnt take my shirt off in public...errrr Well, i started to use anything and everything OTC to try and get rid of it with no luck. So i decided to go on the web ( gotta love it ) and find something stronger. This wasnt supposed to be a test it just ended up that way trying to find something that would work. I went threw 1 - 30ml tub of all 3.

    First i tried differin gel. Didnt really help much if at all.

    Second i tried accutane get. It helped somewhat but not enough to really do the job.

    Third i tried and still using Retain-A cream. Now this is doing the job so far. I have less and less acne everyday. Shoulders are almost clear and back is coming along. Back would probably be better if it wasnt for me having to put it on myself and not really being able to reach that well.

    Well bros i hope this helps some of u out there dealing with this problem!


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    Yeah bro, retin-a does help. My prescription just ran out so I have to go see the dermatologist next week.... I don't have any acne on my back but chest and shoulders are setting off.

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    Minocycline tabs...1 per night before bed..cleard me up better than anything I tried

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    I have heard varying stories about minocycline reducing the effectiveness of steroids . what is your take?

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    Hey OG... occasional showering helps with acne too... So do you need a script to get Retain A Cream??? I may have to try it with my shoulders.

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    its just different for everyone, retin-a didn't do shit for me and neither did minocyclin, and i'm on differin gel right now and thats workin....the gels may not work as well for you because those gels are made to peel skin away to remove white heads, not really the big boils....i'm pretty up to date on acne and medications if you have any questions.

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    I have tried so many freaking profucts on acne I could tell ya the store. but mine isnt bad.. it has been. but my face is pretty clear most of the time, if not i snap and run out to get the best product on the shelf. I cant help myself.. im scared of acne. lol. but anyways my face was starting to break out Lot's.. and I kept on buying more and more ****. FINALLY..this is what Worked X A BILLION on me... okay.
    - Pears soap - just a natural soap to wash your face with
    - Clean & Clear Black Head Instrigent. Just To Unblock Pores, Clear Away Dirt And That.
    -Panoxyl Benzoyl Peroxide Five.
    THIS **** IS ****ING AWESOME!!! But Results may vAry! My Face Got SUPER Burned and SUPER dry and it swelled up. I dont care, it worked and my face is freaking clear Today! !!

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    retin-A is amazing. I used to use it for my teenage years acne and it worked so good and fast, and blieve me my face was covered by acne

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