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    Arthritis and herniated disks

    I'm looking for some advice.
    I am in my early 30's, 180lbs and have arthritis in my back, with 3 problem disks in my lumbar confirmed by MRI and probably another couple in my lower neck/upper back. This causes back pain, neck pain and the worst is the radiating pain down the back of my legs.

    Lifting and staying active is important to me.
    I've never tried any injections in my life, the furthest I've gone is to try some Test patches for a month followed by Clomid.
    I'm willing to inject, but only if it's done by a doctor/nurse with regular blood monitoring.

    I have heard Deca is great for joint and arthritis pain, and may actually strengthen the affected areas unlike many bodybuilding products.
    But, the side effects of possible ED scares me more than the daily pain.

    Any recommendations to get my house in order?
    I'd prefer the legal route, and my doctor is willing to prescribe test/clomid so I imagine he's willing to try other therapies as well considering I have a 10 year history of well documented problems.

    Thanks for the help.

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    Some people are having luck with using Cymbalta to get them back into the gym.
    Seems this also give some ED problem and doesn't help with strength at all, so Deca is more attractive, but harder to get.

    Would love some input from people that have tried several different products for joint/arthritis/herniated disk/nerve pain.

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    Dude...herniated sisks and sciatica (nerve pain)! What your doctor needs to do is send you to a specialist and it sounds like surgery may be in order. The longer you keep banging that nerve..the more damage you will do!

    Steroids are not your answer, proper medical treatment and rehab are! Gewt healthy THEN worry about getting big!

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    Ive had 2 back surgeries and doctors have been telling me I will need to have my lower back fussed at some point. Been on pain meds pretty much 24/7 since 2007 to help deal with discomfort.

    Originally herniated 2 disc back in 1985, L3 & L4 and progressively got worse until surgery in 2005 then ruptured L5/S1 2007, 2nd surgery.

    I tried Deca and a few other things over the years. No noticeable difference for me. Some claim it helps but I think most of the time they are dealing with new injuries that just heal and get better.

    One thing I can honestly say had helped is TB-500
    I have been off all pain meds for 3 months now and my back feels better than it has since pre 2007. It's not a cure all and it does not get rid of pain 100% but things are so much better. I have nothing else to contribute it to. It is/has been the only thing I'm using that could make a difference.

    I have used Glucosime, MSN, Cissus and most everything else over the years. I still use them because every little bit helps and they for sure wont hurt but the TB-500 I know has helped more than anything.
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