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    Lower Leg Pain From Weight Gain

    Hey all.

    I started off as 75kg with no pain anywhere on my body.

    I'm now getting close to 85kg and for the past few weeks my shin and ankles have been hurting a lot if I power walk or walk for more then 5-10 mins. I'm ok on a treadmill for 30 mins on speed 5 but speed 6 kills my legs (but not my heart or body) after 15 mins. I cannot row for longer then 10 mins otherwise I can even move for another 20 mins. I used to be able to do 30 mins of each without a problem (when I was any weight below 80kg).

    All exercises involving weights I seem to do fine though eg squats. I drink plenty of milk per day (800ml ish) so I don't think it's a calcium thing.

    My calves used to hurt too but that pain vanished a few weeks back. I train legs every week but the pain is just as worse as it was initially (perhaps even slightly worse actually).

    No other part of my body has pain. Aches after a workout are common but they heal within a few hours after a good meal or two.

    What shall I do? I'm worried I may have broken something as it really kills - pain not aches or soreness (trust me I know the difference). Without fixing this I can't do a proper cardio and won't be able to burn fat.

    Can someone please suggest what I can do? I really am trying my best to fight it but its serious pain to the point where I have to sit down for 10 mins and 'cool off' otherwise I literally fall on the spot and find it hard to move....
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    If it hurts, then you need to stop and let it heal.

    Try again after resting a couple of weeks.

    10kg gain is really not that much weight, so I'm really not sure what else to tell you right at the moment

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    Ok I will try this

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