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    Inside shoulder blade pain HELP

    About 3-4 weeks ago I hurt my upper back on the inside(closest side to spine) of my shoulder blade!!
    I think this happened when I was squatting with my upper back hunched over ( got tired and used bad form) I have just stopped working my back this week because at first I thought it was nothing bad but now I'm scarred I won't be able to work it for months PLZ HELP.

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    Hulking I have had problems with this area off and on for years. One thing that helps me is a massage from a good massage therapist. The kind that can make you cry with their thumbs and elbows. Another cheaper alternative is to take two tennis balls and duct tape them together tightly. Take this contraption and lean against a wall,with the contraption between your back and the wall,with one of the balls on either side of your spine and roll it around or up and down the affected area. This will help greatly with spasms in this area. It's not a cure but should give you some relief.

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