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    Knee cap cartilage fissure

    I have "superficial" cartilage fissuring on my patella (thats what the radiologist said). I can't run or do elliptical because of it.

    Has anyone ever recovered to the point that they can run again? I know cartilage doesn't heal naturally. I am looking into platelet rich plasma, or HGH injections.

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    Take some time off....untill it heals naturally or otherwise.

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    I was told the same thing about "fissures" in the cartilage. The orthopedist said fissuring is the start of arthritis!
    I ended up having a scope of the knee to repair a meniscus tear - but that doesn't fix the fissures.

    As far as training goes, I was back in the gym for upper body later the same week, and was squatting again in two weeks.

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