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    starting new cycle feedback plz?

    so ive started a new 6 week cycle want to no what ye think and should i change anything from it.
    monday: 1ml pharma test 250 Thursday: 1ml pharma test 250 and pharma tren 1ml
    week2: same as above
    week 3: Monday: 1ml pharma test 250, 50mg anavar Thursday: 1ml test 250, 1ml tren, 50mg anavar. Sunday 50 mg anavar
    week 4: anavar 50mg every second day. monday and thursday same as above with the test and tren.
    week 5: monday: 1 tab of nolva,test 1ml , Thursday: test 1ml tren 1ml 1 tab of nolva. also anavar 50 mg every day that week. Sunday 1 tab nolva
    week 6: same as week 5
    pct- hcg nolva for after.
    sorry its a bit all over the place the way i typed it bu was rushing.
    yere feedback would be much appricated

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    just realised im in the wrong section with this topic my bad.

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