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Thread: Massage Therapy - - - Make it Worse ?

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    Massage Therapy - - - Make it Worse ?

    Hey Buds,

    Anyone doing "Sports Massage Therapy" on a consistent basis?

    I got a hamstring injury that is aggravating as Hell. The dayum thing is stubborn. Was thinking about some Massage Therapy.
    • Myofacia work
    • Deep tissue massage
    • Ultra-sound

    Not sure if this is a good idea or not. I think i read somewhere that massage can hurt or make an INJURY WORSE ?

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    I think it would depend on the injury.
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    Deep tissue work did wonders on my lower back. Really helped me improve my ROM. It took a few sessions and some stretching on my part but was well worth it. ( I had some muscle adhesion in my lower back).
    Also, a friend suggested I try a rumble roller and it has been very helpful.
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    I swear by deep tissue. Once a month for 90 minutes does wonders for any problem areas. Enough time to get specifics worked out and also for an overall work up.

    It's only painful of you have problematic things your ignoring to begin with.

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    I love deep tissue massage for my lower, middle back. shoulders and calves.

    Yeah my first time was very painful, mostly because I did not drink a lot of water before and after. The toxins are released due to the massage and if you dont drink a lot of water to flush them out (try distilled water) then you will be very sore the next day.

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