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    What is this weird annoying forearm burning/tingling im experincing

    its been bothering me for the past year. I thought i have tennis elbow but my elbow is not where the pain is coming from. My forearms are just always like on fire and tingling. I even tried an elbow brace and that just makes the tingling way worse. Even at work wearing my armguard on my forearms makes them feel very aggitated.

    It is affecting my everyday life and work. When i try to hit the gym they get 10x more on fire. I tried physio and that didnt help much. Is this nerve damage? who do i go to to get this checked? anyone have similar issue with there arms like i described?

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    I know it's been a month since you posted this but I'll try to give my experience.

    I have a nerve compression issue in my right arm and your symptoms sound pretty similar. I get a tightness in my right shoulder where it meets the neck, and then burning/tingling pain in my elbow/forearm that travels all the way up to my pinky finger. I went to physical therapy for 9 months and they never really completely fixed it, but they gave me lots of stretches and showed me how to hit my trigger points using a lacrosse ball that can loosen things up and relieve the nerve compression symptoms for a while.

    Depending on which nerve it is and where it is being pinched/irritated, there are many possible exercises/stretches that you could do. In my case, my ulnar nerve gets compressed by my first rib, and also gets irritated in the cubital tunnel of my elbow and guyon's canal at the wrist. Working on those areas with a lacrosse ball usually relieves my symptoms for a while.

    It's best to have a physical therapist, probably a couple of different physical therapists, play around with you with different areas of your neck/shoulder/arm and help you learn what you need to do to help your body heal itself. It has definitely been a long learning experience for me of getting in touch with what my body needs and what different feelings mean. Nerve damage can take a long time to heal, but it doesn't sound like your symptoms are really advanced (like numbness or loss of muscle control). Take care of it now before you do any real damage!

    Good luck, hope you feel better soon!
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