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Thread: Back to back injuries seeking help

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    Back to back injuries seeking help

    Hello, (sorry for the long post)

    Over the past 2 years I've been struggling with ongoing injuries. First I tore my labrum resulting in my first surgery. It was workout related (too much too soon looking back on it) it was a very slow recovery and trying too hard at rehab probably didn't help. My shoulder is now at least 95%.

    A month ago I had a finger break and my second surgery. The x-rays showed I broke it in 3 places resulting in an external fixator being attached for a month. This finger isn't completely healed and probably won't be for another month or more.

    During my extended layoff from a healthy lifestyle I've put on serious weight (about 50lbs). I've rededicated myself to getting back in shape. I know this won't be an overnight transformation and could be take a year or more to get close to where I was before.

    I've never used gear before and acknowledge that just getting back into the gym isn't the best time for that. I'm just looking for any insight you all may have that could help speed up the process (weight loss / recovery time for my finger) be it diet, routine or supplements or gear if it applies to my situation.

    Personal details
    34yr old male
    5'11 235lbs
    Hard time with stimulants
    Hgh is a no due to family history of cancer

    TLDR 34yr old broken fat boy needs advice on losing weight with a broken finger.

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    You should be able to get back in the gym with a broken finger......just watch out with the weights and if you can't pick up a weight because of your finger then don't. But there are machines you should be able to use with no problem. The treadmill and other cardio equipment can be used. Just get back in there and see what you can do.

    Now back to your injuries. You do know that the harder you push the more likely you'll get injured. There's no way to avoid injury if you train with high intensity. You can minimize the chances but someday somehow something is going to give and you'll get hurt. You can try to minimize the chances by perfecting your form and learning to listen to your body. IF SOMETHING HURTS STOP!!!! STOP RIGHT THEN AND DON'T DO ANOTHER REP. I've had 5 torn rotator cuff injuries, tron labrum, torn pec, multiple back injuries finally resulting in surgery, plus numerous tweaks and aches and pains over my 40+ years of training. The sooner you learn when to stop if something hurts the better off you'll be.

    To lose weight you just have to consume less calories than you expend. Losing weight slower is better than faster in my opinion and produces longer lasting results. There will be plateaus along the way that you'll have to work through but the body has to reset from time to time and then you can continue your progress. The plateaus are the hardest. Sometimes that's when the injuries happen because of the frustration and we tend to over train or get sloppy during these times. Work through them and you'll be fine.

    Right now just get moving again. Get back in the gym and start slow. Yes it sucks but in no time you'll be healed up and making progress. Use machines and the cardio equipment.....but you have to start. Now is not the time for AAS. In the next year or so reevaluate your goals and your training and then take another look. But for now you have to heal up and get moving again. Best of luck man. Keep us informed of your progress.
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