So, it has finally happened: at 51 years old and change, my knee is giving me the bird and telling me to chill the f out. Not sure if it is tendonitis (could be), bursitis (I don't even know for sure what that is), or oldfartitis (which if you are 'lucky', you will get to experience, too).

I tried some Diclofenac Sodium topical over the holidays and that stuff is the bomb. Went to my doc and got a script today. Rub it on and wait about an hour, then ahh sweet relief. I can't squat right now, but hope to be able to get back to the point where I can pretty quickly.

Anyhow, does this sound like a job for TB-500 or BPC-157 or something else? Note that I see that Mike Arnold has a TB product, though it seems pricey compared to what else I'm seeing.

Any thoughts or input is appreciated!