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    its cold alot

    Threw my back out of alignment

    What's up everyone.
    Yesterday I was getting ready to train legs felt great pre workout shit kicked in. Had to plunge to toilet. Sorry if that's tmi. Anyway I bent over to pick up the plunger and BAM that lower back pain sciatic pain shot down my leg instantly. I knew right away this is gonna be one of those stupid random Injuries that hurt for awhile. So later in the day I notice my hips are uneven. I tried doing some stretches and hip realignment movements on YouTube. I got one little pop but that's about it. Normally I'll hang from a pull up bar. Also I attach a 45 plate to my feet so it hopefully pulls it back Into alignment it's worked in the past but I can't get it to release. I'm in the beginning of a blast I really don't want any more down town cuz I was sick as fuck for a week. Any tips you guys might have I'd like to hear thanks. I'm gonna call around for chiros today and see if that will help. Usually when I hurt my lower back it's my signal to stop bulking and time to start leaning out. That extra bit of fat throws shit off. Getting older sucks.

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    If you have low back pain alot it could be a pars defect

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    If you noticed more weight gain and shooting pain it could be lumbar lordosis. This is typically caused by tight hip flexors causes lower back to compensate. You could try doing some hip opening stretches.

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