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    Angry TFCC Tear And labrum tears

    ok i had TFCC Repair of my right wrist in september i had my cast removed about 2 weeks ago recovery is fairly quick considering im only 24 ive done one cycle of sauce test e and eq.... all of these injurys occured way before i ever touched sauce..... well since the wrist is on its way healing i lost alot of muscle ive been out of the gym for about 7 months and i want to get back into the gym but heres the catch mri's show i have a torn labrum in my left shoulder which i did about 6 years ago in High School I never had it repaired i trained like that for 4 years and than last summer i tore my right shoulders labrum they dont really pop out of place to much but everynow and than they shift in and out of place my left shoulder effects my left pec and my right shoulder effects my right bicep so i dunno if i should get the surgery i just want 2 get back in the GYM!!!!! i miss it and its driving me crazy i never seen an ortho yet about the labrums and options but my sports medicine dr said the only way it will heal is surgery i was thinking once my TFCC repair heals i will try the gym out for acouple months and see how it feels and if my right bi still isnt getting the pumps it should if this is the case i think i may have no choice but im just looking for some input anyone experience this? please write sorry for the book lol thanks fellas

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    Labral tear must be fixed by surgery. No question about it. It could get worse if you try to work it out with weights. I would see an ortho doc about it. If you do, try to bring a copy of your recent MRI, it will make him (or her) much happier.

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