Hello huys

I am into BB for 6-7 years. My calfs was small wanted to get bigger. I got Ahile Thenditis, and doctor put me into gypsum. After few days (6-7) my leg started to pain uper and uper, I got the worst, Deep Vein Trombosis. Now it is 5 month after that and i was in hospital, now on blood thiners.
Waiting for genetic results of my blood, I am doing serious testing which is very expensive, and which could effect doing this to my body.
I know it is so dangerous, I know it is not joke, etc etc....alot I know about my injury, just dont know did anyone of you had this, and after injury and blood thiners did you ever juice again?
I will go to special endocrinolog or eveg hematologist to ask, but it will be hard alot of them will be against this
Any experience from you all here?