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    Possible Pec Tear

    Injured my chest during some cable flyes last march. Went to the primary that week and they said that it was a muscle strain and prescribed me a Acetaminophen based pain killer. fast forward to today and i am still having pain when i stretch my arms out wide. Ortho said that she thinks i have a small tear in my left pec major where the muscle attaches to the sternum. She said that there is a noticeable difference to the touch in that area compared to the right pec. I have been ordered to cease all chest exercises until pain subsides.

    Anyone have experience with this type of injury before? I read alot about full pectoral tears, but not partials - and especially not a partial tear from the middle of the chest. Could the pain i am feeling still be a unhealed portion of muscle or some scar tissue buildup that is being irritated? I have read that pain can be attributed to scar tissue forming in a way that does not let the muscle move without some pain.

    Ortho said that she doesn't think that i need to get a MRI because there would likely be no surgery regardless of what the result is, but that i could if i wanted to. Would it be worth the hassle to get one performed?

    Looking for some input here. Thanks!

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    If insurance allows I would really go for the MRI. That the one way to know for sure. Had a broke foot once. Doc said it was just stiff and I needed to run on it. Finally did the MRI and two dangerous fractures they couldn't see. Ended in a cast for 8 weeks.

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    If its a tear you cannot work it out and expect it to heal! Period 3-6 months of nothing IMO. No i'll just do light weight lol. Go ahead and keep at it and unexpectedly ripppp and you can't jerk off or lift a coffee cup and will need surgery.

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