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Thread: Well I finally did it, blown pec major

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    Well I finally did it, blown pec major

    I ruptured my left pec major, I still have to do my follow up to get the full details of the repair but when it happened I knew.

    I have a torn right minor that I let heal on it's own from years ago (mistake but didn't know any better) so when this one let go I knew instantly what had happened. Based on the bruising and swelling I knew it was the major this time.

    I think stress and lack of sleep contributed to my injury, I just wasn't resting as well as I should have been so I don't think I was really recovering from my workouts like I should have been.

    3 warm up sets of incline, then two working sets, no problems, hit my weight and reps with no pain. working sets were 8 - 10 reps 245
    2 warm up set of flat, then on my second working set about half way up the bar just came down on me, I felt it let go, no pain, no warning, no struggling just pop pop and down it came. working sets were 6 - 10 230/260 respectively, no bouncing, no air humping good form nothing stupid.

    When I ripped my pec minor bruising was instant, with this one the bruising was slower but MUCH more pronounced, blood even pooled at the bottom of my pec and I had a lot more swelling.

    I didn't wait, I knew with a major I couldn't mess around as I don't want a deformed chest - even if I never touched a weight again I don't want a deformed chest.

    I went to a surgeon not even 24 hours after the incident, she pegged me right off and said yep, right age, right demographic I see this one often (she's worked on other body builders here that are national level) - she said she'd never seen someone so quickly after an injury and she was amazed at my right pec tear since she doesn't see detached minors very often.

    She looked me over as best she could, she couldn't examine much due to all of the swelling and the fact I couldn't be touched, she said based on the description, swelling and bruising it was a major tear and that she was putting me in for surgery on Friday but she still needed an MRI, if the MRI turned up good news we'd simply cancel the surgery.

    Well the MRI didn't turn up good news and I did the surgery - she said she's never had one go this easy because she usually works on people long after the injury has occurred which makes it more difficult.

    The way she explained it to me is she pulls back the delt, the big vein right there, the nerve, then cuts a channel into the bone, cleans up all the damaged tissue then stretches the remaining tendon back up to the channel and "buttons" it into the channel with steal anchors. She said it will never heal back to as strong as it can be naturally and that most these surgeries fail because people don't let it heal. She said she had a patient remove his sling and go back to the gym and popped it again almost right away.

    When I came to in recovery I was shocked at how little pain I was in, I took two pills to make the nurse happy so they sent me home.

    Then all that shit wore off.

    This bastard hurts, way more than I expected it to. I have only been taking Tylenol because I do not like pain killers and it's been for the most part tolerable as long as I don't laugh or move or sneeze or anything like that. The pain is dropping back pretty fast day by day but up under my shoulder is sore as hell, my bicep hurts, and my chest is like - hard to explain, it's real tight and my shoulder is pulled forward a bit, I'm guessing from them cleaning up the damage and stretching the muscle back up.

    My chest and arm are like green, and I have bruising all around the bottom of my pec, swelling is pretty significant, I have like a full blown tit on my left side and it's all black and blue.

    I'm trying to move around, I went to the grocery store with the wife and just walked for like 30 minutes, that kicked my ass, I had to come home and sleep for an hour after that. I've been sleeping like 12 hours a night and I"m still tired.

    Well I finally did it, blown pec major-pec.jpg

    I'll be on the bench for a while, then I'll have to slowly start back with just cardio and what I can work, calves etc. My understanding is I'm going to be off the weights for my chest for a year. The mental pain is far worse than the physical pain, not only is a rupture embarrassing it takes away my stress outlet, I can only take so much sitting around on my ass.

    I'm also fearful of the future - how can I ever have confidence again.

    For now I'm eating pizza and icecream enjoying my pouting time while I can, afterwards I'll have to totally re work my diet and come up with a gimp routine but here it is, the start of a long recovery.

    I should have taken a couple weeks off and gotten my rest under control but I didn't and now here I am, forced to take time off.

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    Stinks man, but I’m glad your surgery went well. And do take time to heal it up. It’s a marathon not a
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    Good luck with your healing man

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    Absolutely let it heal entirely. If you can get your hands on good hgh I would run it.

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    I feel your pain GSX. Very sorry to hear this.
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    That sucks, this kind of stuff scares me

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    Well about 9 weeks post op, the left side of my body is noticeably shrunken and I've lost 15lbs but my cloths are tighter :-(

    I'm working on full range of motion and my gym has a new squat bar that lets me squat so legs are back on, did lateral raises with 5lbs dumb bells tonight - that's a huge step forward for me.

    My biggest physical issue right now is getting the shoulder joint moving again and focusing on not using my left pec just yet, day to day pain is completely gone.

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    Sorry to hear that man, after awhile the healing process will make things at least a little better

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    GSXR - How's the healing coming along? Any progress from the 5lb lateral raises? What seems to be working for you? What doesn't?

    How did you find a good surgeon who has worked on bodybuilders in the past? I'm in over 40... soon to be over 50 and need a surgeon on speed dial for just this kind of situation. Been getting more an more minor injuries lately, peroneal tendon, tennis elbow, brachioradialis, brachialis, flexor carpi, etc. All little stuff that is easily rehabbed. Its just a matter of time before a bicep or pec decides its had enough.

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    Anyone know who Calum von Moger's surgeon is?

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