Anybody have recent experience with umbilical hernia repair? I talked to a surgeon about 2 years ago regarding repair, then decided to delay. 'Lumpy' has been hanging around with me for as long as I can remember, meaning at least 30 years and I may have been born with it for all I know. Anyhow, surgeon then said 'mesh repair, recovery time about 2 weeks'. I'm not concerned about the mesh but I find the recovery time of 2 weeks to be a bit optimistic. I'm pretty sure he also said it would be laproscopic.

I have a second appointment with the surgeon next week, will likely go ahead and get it repaired depending on input here. It became slightly irritated during deadlift warm up sets last week, though it didn't give me any problems after that. Still very slightly irritated but not painful. I am altering my workout protocol until I talk to the doc.

Any input is greatly appreciated!