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    BiggerBri's Second Cycle Diary PART TWO

    Hey guys.

    The MFer's here at AR lost my last diary so now I have to start over. Has me really pissed off because I had all my weight info and progress stored in the diary and now I don't have anything.

    Starting Week #14 today. At least I remember that. This is the last week of my EQ shots. The Winny is really kickin in and I am starting to cut up with my 40 mins of cardio about 4-5 days/week. FEELING AWESOME.

    After this week I will have one week of just the Test E (week 15) then will add on Prop for 3 weeks (16,17,18) along with the Test E. Then will start PCT right after my last Prop shot.

    Bri Will post some new pics this week.

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    any joint pain from the winny ?

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