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    first cylce under my belt

    i took my last shot last night of my first stack and imo it was a very good experience. i took deca and ethanate both at 400mg wk bumped the test to 600 after about 5 wks. the 2 bottles of norandren lasted me 7wks and the ethanate 9wks. im 6' and started my cycle at 194 and weighed in at 216 yesterday. i gained most of the weight in the first month i could have gained much more weight but i was gettting a little chubby in the tummy so i cleaned up my diet and im fairly lean now imo. i had a few set backs like the test flu, and my shoulders were bugging me real bad for about a wk. slower rep tempo and perfect form cleared that up almost completly. my strength took off after the 3 or 4th week. that is what is addictive to me not the size but the the poundages. i had no typical sides untill about 2 wks ago. i noticed about 1/2 dozen little zits on my shoulder/arm (owell) i cant have sex quite as well as i could when my cycle started (deca dick?) and my balls might be a little smaller (paranoid?). i would like to thank everyone on this site for helping me along w/ my cycle. right now i have clomid,proviron ,clen ,nolva, and some halo. i was considering using the halo for a few weeks at a mild dose 15mg on days i workout to keep up my strenght (bad idea?) i hoping to harden up more and lean down w/ the clen untill my next stack in 2 months. im thinking 10wk cyp 600wk deca600wk and some prop (run at both beginning and end) tell me whatya think. thanks in advance youve really been a big hellp

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    SWEET nice gains

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