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    Am i dieting right?

    Im 18 5/8 200 pounds and i got a gut i just started weight training. I do 45 minutes of cardio a day along with a diet of rasin brand for breakfest , tuna for lunch and chicken breast and salad for dinner and i have 3 lean body low carb packets between meals along with the fat burner charge am i going about looseing weight the right way or do i need to make changes?

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    uh eat some real food
    get about 400gprotein since your 200lbs but 300g protein will be fine for u,eat 100gram carbs a day keep carbs early in the day,try not to eat carbs past 4pm no later than 6

    but it dont really matter as long as u are in calorie deficit......u will loose fat

    also 40grams fat ,fats such as natural PB,olive

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