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    Timetogain cycle but its time to cut

    Hey bros,

    Here's my cycle starts today.

    1-10 600mg/wk ttokkyo eq
    1-10 600mg/wk ttookyo cyp
    6-12 50md/day ** Winny
    6-12 75mg/day Fina
    NYC/clen 2weeks/2weeks
    t3 starting week 4 1111122222333332222211111.
    Also .25mg/day of arimidex to kep of bloat.

    Currently 145 lbs and 12% bfat.
    At height 5'3

    I will let you guys know what happens each week.
    Do you think it is overkill to add 25md/day weeks 1-4 of dbol
    Just hate waiting for everything to kick in.

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    good luck

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