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    Thumbs up First Cycle...i think it should be ok

    im looking to put some lean muscle mass on my body. my measurements are as follows:

    Bicepts: 15
    Chest: 39
    Weight: 178
    Height: 6'
    Body Fat: 5%
    Age: 20

    I plan on cycling the following, please respond with how you think it is or send me an email @ [email protected]

    Sustanon 300mg/ml- 600mg wk 1-10
    Deca 300 mg/ml- 300mg wk 1-10
    Winstrol tabs 50mg- 50 mg every day week 6-11
    Clomid tabs 50mg- 300mg first day of week 12, then 100mg ED rest of week 12, then 50mg ED week 13 and 14
    Armidex- .25mg day

    I will be INJ on mon and thurs. does this look alright if looking to put on aprox 20-30 lbs. Thanks guys. im supposed to start on monday so ill keep u posted

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    Well I would have to say your a little young at 20 to start a cycle still have plenty of natural potential. If you are planning on starting on Monday then you must already have your gear.

    So I would suggest that you run the deca at 400 mg min. up it to 600 if you have enough gear. I would also suggest not starting clomid until wk 13 because of the longer acting esters in the deca & sust. I would run the winny through wk 12. JMO other than that looks good.


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