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    Need some BIG TIME help!!!

    Ok guys,

    Ive been all over these boards trying to soak up as much info as I possibly could on gear. I must say this stuff is alot more complex than I first thought. I must commend you guys. You sure as hell know your stuff.

    Heres my situation. Im a 23 year old male. about 6' 2" weigh about 200lbs, but im about 20% bodyfat.

    Ive been lifting for about a year now, doing heavy weights, low reps, always taking my sets to failure. Only train a body part each week. My dilema is that Im an ecto/endomorph. I put on fat real easily, but dont seem to pack on muscle easily at all.

    My basic goal is gain muscle without gaining fat (well im sure thats everyones goal). I know to gain maximum amount of muscle, I have to be willing to gain some fat along with it. So im more interested in gaining as much muscle (even if it isnt as much as I could be gaining) without gaining fat.

    Ive also had bad acne in the past, and though Im not sure if its gyno or not (probably just fat) but I do have a flabby chest. So Im looking for something that wont give me as many side effect.

    So I guess in summary, Im looking for a cycle that can give me as much muscle with a minimum chance of acne, gyno, and fat. What would you guys suggest?

    Thanks in advance

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    I would suggest you post your training routine and diet so we can help you out naturally before you go jumping head-first into gear. With only a year of training under your belt, and a bf% that high, it sounds like you could make alot more progress w/out juice.

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    Ok, my routine is pretty basic. I do one set of each exercise, with very heavy weights. My rep range is between 8 and 12. I begin at 8, when doing the 8th rep is damn near impossible. I work with that weight on each exercise till I build up to 12 reps. When I can do more than 12 reps with a given weight, I up the weight enough, to get me back down to 8 reps, and go from there. I lift to failure on every exercise. When I cant do one more complete rep, I continue to try to lift the weight (in proper form) for at least 10 seconds. I dont have a training partner, so forced reps are hard to do. THats why I continue to exert maximum effort for 10 second at the top of my sets. Heres my shedule:

    Monday (Legs/Calves):
    Leg Extensions
    Leg Curls
    Leg Presses

    Standing Calf Raises
    Seated Calf Raises
    Calf Presses
    Leg Press Machine

    Wednesday (Back/Biceps):
    Seated Rows
    Lat Pull Downs
    T-Bar Rows
    Bent Over Barbell Rows

    Barbell Curls
    Seated Dumbell Curls
    Concentration Curls
    Dumbell Curls while lying on my back on a flat bench (hard to explain)

    Friday (Chest/Triceps/Shoulders):
    Bench Press
    Incline Dumbell Presses
    Decline Dumbell Presses
    Flat Bench Flyes

    Rope Pushdowns
    Straight Bar Pushdowns
    Cable Extensions
    Dumbell Behind the Neck Tricep Presses

    Side Raises
    Front Raises
    Bent Over Raises
    Military Presses

    I run for about 3 miles on Tuesday and Thursday. As you can see, Im sticking to basic exercises, I go very heavy, and always go to failure. If I try to train any body part more than once a week, for more than a few weeks, I'll being to loose strength.

    My diet isnt very scientific. I basically down 3 protien shakes a day. Each has about 50g of protien and I put 1 tbsp of Flax Oil for fat, and a banana and a splash of juice and a cup of skim milk. I'll typically eat a Promaxx bar or two through out the day. And generally eat a normal meal, with beef or chicken as the main course. Whenever Im away from home, I take plenty of Aminos with me, and pop a few pills every hour on the hour.

    The real dilema here is this: From a fat loss perspective, I cant eat anyless or do more cardio, cause I'll end up loosing strength (and thus mass) quickly. From a muscle building perspective, I cant quit doing cardio, and I cant eat much more than this because I'll quickly gain fat. Its like Im screwed either way I go. They joys of being an Endo-Ectormorph.

    Now you suggested I lower my BF, but from the info I just gave you, how could I do more, or what else can I do, without risking loosing what little muscle I do have?

    On my way home from school today I was thinking maybe a Winny/Clen cycle would work? The Winny to preserve my muscle and the Clen to burn fat?

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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    Check out Big Man from AR in the members pic section. I think he had the right idea.. Cardio, Cardio, Cardio (2x a day 30 and 30 the first 2 months, 45 and 45 the 2nd 2, and 1hr and 1hr last months)... Strict Diet, and hit the gym everyday like a freak. Of course im sure the Clen helps...

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    I think part of the problem is that you are trying to do 2 things at once...Pick one and focus!
    Do u want more muscle size? Then eat lean, but plentiful in Protein....Lift heavy only do 30 mins of cardio. per day after the work out.

    Do u want to get lean? Then lighten the load on weights. Do more reps: 1 warmup set and 3 sets of 15 per exercise. Dou 45 mins of cardio in the Morning on an empty stomach and 45 mins at nite after your workout. You wont put on much muscle size, but you will lean up nicely.

    In the end you just need to pick one and go balls out after it.

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    Do the Partials

    I train with some heavy hitters. Do some heavy lifting on a great cycle. But form experience, the best gains I have made to date have been recently. You have to do partials

    For Example:
    I will do:

    Exercise: Bicep E-Z bar preacher curls;

    1 set Warm up
    2 set 12 heavy reps --with 4 partials
    3 set 10 heavy reps -- with " '
    4 set 8 " " " "
    5 set 6 " ' ' '
    6 set 6 " '" " "

    You can incoperate partials to every exercise but bench presses, unless you have a spotter.

    All are done till failure...I have given you this arm routine as an example for some serious growth. I do arms twice a week really heavy. Stay true to your progress and most importantly build the mind muscle connection and grow, grow, grow.

    Hope that helps.

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