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    Halfway thru my 6th week.

    Sust 500
    Deca 400
    DBOL 50 ed 1-6wk
    Arimidex .25 ed

    Started at around 212-215. Checkin in now at about 231. Was 233, but lost a few lbs the last coupla days, as I was hit hard with the SUST flu, for about the 4th time this cycle. The smell of food would make me sick to my stomach.

    Strength is up in all lifts, especially my chest..which is finally starting to come around. Shoulders are looking impressive.

    Other than this SUST flu, everything is okay. I'm getting used to the pain of the SUST but still bitching about it. Ordered more SUST so it looks like I'm gonna run this one for a full 10 wks. DBOL will stop in 4 days. I'm gonna miss that stuff.

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    Kinda like my cycle did less dbol though and only for 5 weeks. This is my last week of dbol at 35/day. I went from 218 to currently 238. What were your srength increases like?

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    Like to see #'s for strength increase.

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    Up 30lbs on bench, rep'n about 30lb more on seated military presses...

    Overall increase in everything.

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