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Thread: My cycle

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    My cycle

    Hey guys
    Been on cycle for like 2 weeks now and I'm loving it, already gained like 6 - 7 kgs .
    I'm using test prop and dbol .
    Being a student and having no money I only have another 3 weeks supply of test prop but hopefully I can get some more cash together and extend my cycle .
    So far I have taken.
    week 1 20mg of dbol and 500mg of test prop
    week 2 500mg of test prop
    im gonna continue test prop for da remainder of my cycle at 500mgs per week, injecting it 3 times a week.

    Your probably wondering y I only used dbol for 1 week, it's cause I was planning to do a test only cycle but a friend of mine had to stop using his dbols cause he got pains from his kidney.
    So I wasn't gonna let free dbol go to waist and there was just enought for a week

    I was heeps worried about prop being a painful injection from what I read, but I haven't had much pain or discumfort at all, apart from having to inject it 3 times a week I love the stuff.

    My stats are 215lbs and im 185cms bf could be lower but thats what cutting cycles are for , ow yer and I do have clomid and nova.

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    looks good but I would have waited for all the gear befor I started...just my oppinion

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    Yer I know but I had to start it cause latter on I've got exams etc and some other stuff happening.
    But I can always get more, I just made sure I had clomid and nova before I started that was the main thing for me.

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