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    More mass!! Need cycle help

    Sorry, but i need help. Im not sure how i should start my first cycle or what gear i should even get. I know that i want to put on bulk maybe about 20-25 pounds of keepable mass, then cut up later. i was thinking Deca and sust, 400/mg week for 10 wks. and then some clomid through 11-12. Is this a ok beginner cycle?

    Im 6'2" 257 i would like to get up to 280 maybe even 290 with no more then 15 percent b/f. Need some help guys, i want to go the safest route as far as my health goes, but i want to gain more mass.

    Im not sure how to do it, need some expert advice

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    It's a decent beginner cycle. You have done your homework well!

    Don't take the Clomid right away. If you still have any AS in your blood, the Clomid will have no effect; the Clomid tell the testicles to start producng testosterone again, but the AS will signal it that there is already enough, so nothing will happen.

    Start the Clomid 3 weeks after your last shot of Sustanon or Deca .

    Make sure you have Nolvadex on had in case you experience any signs of Gyno (the first symptoms are swelling/itchiness/tenderness of your nipples). Don't wait to buy Nolvadex uintil you get symptoms--have it on hand so you can take it right away.

    Good luck!

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    is Nolvadex only by perscription? if so any non-pers version?

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    Might try using winstrol , it's good for keeping mass.

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