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    Shots Cycle

    this is what i was going to do but i changed it some

    wk1-10 test cyp 1 gram. ...test prop 300 mg...eq 800mg

    wk1-4 a bombs 2221
    wk 5-10 dbol 50 mg

    wk12 clomid 50 mg ed
    wk13 clomid 100mg eod
    wk14 clomd 50 mg ed
    wk15 clomid 100mg eod
    wk16-23....150mg of winny per day with 100mg of masteron per day

    wk24 nothing
    wk24 clomid 50 mg ed
    wk25 100mg eod
    wk26 50mg ed
    wk27 nothing
    wk28-35....ananvar 50 mg per day with primo 80 mg ed

    Im in week 6 now and up about 21 lbs...still under 10% bf to

    Ok im in week 6 of this....i changed it a bit...

    now after im done with the cyp and eq. (already stopped the drols) im going to bridge with 180 mg of I* primo tabs per day for 8 weeks with 50 mg of ananvar ed for 8 weeks..

    then i will hit...

    1600 mg of I* test susp tabs for 10 weeks
    600-800 mg of deca for 10 weeks
    winny 150-200 mg ed for 10 weeks

    then i will bridge with some primo and anavar again for 8 weeks

    then im going to go on some test prop fina combo that my bro is making which will be for sale soon lol....

    some clen and t-3 and some eq and masteron to help cut up for a show...

    then maybe...just maybe...hit some dnp for the last few days to get down around 2% bf for the show....

    now this can change anytime hahaha...

    but as of now im at 234 lbs about 10%-11% bf at 5'7 3/4 and looking damn good to i might add

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    Nice stuff SHOT, looks like you've had a fair bit of experience with the gear

    How are those suspension tabs? I've just heard about them like week ago. Oral test- sounds fakking awesome.....

    Good luck in the show- slap some pics up for us if you can.

    peace bro...

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    Well i never tryed the test susp tabs yet. but so far i only heard good things about them. i mean after all where else can you get that much test for that price. i scored 4400 of them really cheap...and im going to order another 4400 really soon...i will end up taking like 12-14 tabs per day hahah

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    The tabs are awesome bro. Starting week 3. 7/ed

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    Right here!Are you blind?
    Well there is that 35 week cycle I was wondering about...LOL
    The thing that shocked me the most is that you are considering DNP again. That comment stunned me coming from you....hehehe
    I think I may try it myself soon. I am still thinking about it.

    That fina/prop combo is going to be HOT. I don't think the dosage will be what we first thought but still pretty good. I will be waiting in line...hehehe

    You should look real goo for the show. send me a pic so I can show my daughter....LOL....YOU WISH!!...haaaa!
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    Damn, don't mean to bust your bubble shot, but LEE PRIEST is sooooooo freaking huge. Shit! (If i only had HALF the muscles he has....LOL )

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    ys he is 5'3 and 7 foot wide hahaha about 300+ lbs off season

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    Lee looks fantastic, got a video with him off season- what a big boy!

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    LEE PRIEST, i want to look like him.. He is deisel!

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    whoa! that cycle is STACKED!get to that shit SHOT,get huge(huger)hahaha,Morg

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