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    Flying South.........

    Mighty Duck's cycle underway!

    Started my 1st ever cycle last night. Shot 225 mg Decca, and 125 mg of Sust. Will repeat Thurs, and continue for 12 wks.
    Got a little impatient and started w/o part of my gear. Total cycle looks like this.

    Wks 1-12 Decca @ 450 mg/wk
    Wks 1-12 Sust @ 250 mg/wk
    Wks 1-4 D-Bol @ 35mg/ed
    Clomid post cycle, Nolvadex and accutane on hand

    Probably should've waited on the D-bol, but should recieve it this week, and will start as soon as it gets here.

    I have no clue when the Decca/Sust will kick in, but I will keep everyone posted weekly.

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    Should have waited, but too late now.
    Good luck with the progress, and I seriously hope your other things arrive in a timely fashion

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    Good luck with your cycle. I'm in the 6th week of a deca /sus cycle, the deca and sus took about 3 weeks to kick in. You should have waited until the D-bol came in, but it's to late now (over anxious??LOL). Keep us posted on your results. Have a good one bro.

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    keep us posted lets us know your total gains, stats and procedures. Tell us k. I am about to start a test/deca cycle, so i am curious if I should replace the test with sus.

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