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    anyone care to help?

    hey guys, i have some test 200, deca , proviron , and clomid, I want to get bigger, but am thinkingi need to hit the gym a bunch naturally before i do that.
    what do you think i should do
    hit the gym for 6months, get in good shape, hit a healthy diet, protein shakes, cardio, lift 5days a week, and rest, etc.
    I want to get bigger andstronger, and i ahve the juice to do it, but i am thinking i should platue first.
    I need more pussy, and for some reason, the guys that are massive and bigger always get the hottest chicks,well i want those damn girls too. i am a good size now, i am decent anyway, like 6 2 196-200, and working good now hard and low reps, or should i do more reps and try to get cutter?/ what should i do guys? girls? help me thanks

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    I don't think too many girls are gonna help you when you use the P word..... Just a thought

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    Yeah bro you got the right idea....IMO i would train naturally for at LEAST 1 year before even considering using AS. Lift heavy, low reps if you want to build mass. If you are going for more cuts...then cardio 4-5 times a weeks @ 30-45 min intervals and lift weights. You MUST decide what you want to do before you begin CAN'T get big and cut at the same time! So pick one bro! Stick around the board so you can figure the best way to cycle the juice you have.....BUT wait, like you said, until you reach that natural platue.

    Good luck Bro!

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    I would train longer than that. The more natural gains you get the better the cycle resluts will be. If you can stay away from the gear for that long then I would say hit it. Your only 26, pleanty of time to get the chics. And just becasue you are big does not mean the bitchs come flocking. IMO!

    Good luck and like everyone here will tell you, you have to train hard to get hard.

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