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    Question Please Help

    I need help. I have done a couple cycles (3), and just got done doing my first bodybuilding compitition. I placed 5th of 16. Im 5' 10", 215 and probably 10-12% body fat. I want 10-15 lbs of quality, keepable muscle. Does this sound good? wk1-4 25mg dbol ED, wk1-10 400mg test, wk1-10 300mg decca? Does that sound o.k?


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    The cycle seems fine, but what did your other cycles look like? I would say the dosages might be a little low for an experienced juicer, but like I said, more information is needed.

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    My last cycle was 600mg test a week and 600mg of dec a week. what would you reccomend?

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    That looks almost like the cycle i just finished. Except the dosages were a little higher. I started it weighing 130lbs. now I'm at 158lbs.
    Dbol 50mg ED WK 1-4
    Test Cyp 500mg WK 1-10
    Deca 300mg WK 1-10

    It was my first cycle

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    Wait bro.....i don't think it would be safe to say that you will gain much. stated that your last cycel was 600mg of each test & deca . I don't think you should lower the dosages in this cycle to 400mg test and 300mg deca.

    Why not try another roid like some Fina, Eq, and then add whatever test you'd like? Just a suggestion

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