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Thread: My new Cycle

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    My new Cycle

    Hey guys this is a cycle im thinking about trying. Tell me what you think.

    dbol wk 1-4 ED
    500mg sust wk 1-8
    im not sure whether i should do 300mg of dec a wk or 600mg a wk.

    But thats what i looking at. Any suggestions?


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    i'd do 300-400 per week with that amount of sus. deca has many sides including deca dick--which is cause by progestrone and makes it hard to stay hard. to counteract you need close to double the test over deca.
    i'm doing 400mg per week deca but also 1000mg sus/omni for 2 weeks mid cycle to counter act deca(thank goodness can get hard and stay but at 750mg not that interested and usually when on test the wind blows and i'm hard and drive my wife crazy,but it was taking took her a little work to get me interested which she was noticeing)and then go back to 750

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