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    First Cycle Suggestions

    Im gonna lay it all on the line and hopefully someone can help me out. I 've been lifting naturally 4-5 days a week for about 2 1/2 years. Im 6'4 1/2, 23 years old I started lifting at about 189 and now I am holding strong at 238. The largest I've ever gotten was 245 but it was all natural. As far as bf Im in the ballpark of about 15-16%. I reached a plateau about 2 months ago and Im ready to take the next step. I come from a family of great genetics when it comes to putting on size and definition. I constantly in My diet is like the diet of a single guy who lives on his own. I eat right all week because the meals at work are available but my diet on the weekend isn't too good. I love beer and I like to smoke pot. A lot. I have never had a problem with getting a beer belly because I bust my ass all week but since Iam taking the next step to the addition of gear Im looking to get to a solid 260 but I want to not lose the definition that I have so a cutting cycle would not be far behind. Whew!! I think that's it... Any suggestions on a 1st cycle??


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    search for "beginners cycle" or "newbie cycle"
    10 weeks of t200 seems to be the most popular 1st cycle

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    your a big guy all ready run t200 at 400 or 500 a week and if you want to stay cut run it with fina 60mg or 80mg ed/eod

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