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Thread: my sust. cycle

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    Question my sust. cycle

    Hey , this is my first time in this forum , i read over everything , so if this is in the wrong spot im sorry , but im starting to take sustanon 250.
    I started 2 weeks ago , i took 250 mg each week , i am planning on doing 10 weeks of this with 250 mg each week, but when i am done i was wondering what i should take to balance my testosterone level and make sure everything is normal. Should i take clomid ? and also please reply if any one has done a simular cycle to mine thanx.

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    Hey man, from what i have heard, your post cycle should def include clomid. Do some searches for clomid and you will find what you need as far as the dosing and when to start administering because you want to start taking it not instantly after your last injection of sus but rather when all the esther and stuff have exited your body. Good luck and just search for clomid. You will find what you need. there are other methods and drugs that are discussed for post cycle on this board. Just do some searching and checking other posts. I have the same questions as you and that is the best way to find what your are looking for. Hope I helped. Good luck.

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