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Thread: loosing fat :-)

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    Talking loosing fat :-)

    My specs 4 months ago: 6, 3" 280 LBS, Since then, Going to the gym 5 times a week Drinking about 5 to 6 bottles of that aquafina bottle (Filled with Tap water of course) water. Taking natural Pro Hormones like MAXTERON. I am curently weiging in at 148, and loosing on average 2 to 4 LBS per weak. i do about 20 to 40 minutes of cardio and 20 to 40 minutes of Weight lifting in one session, Eqeal to 1 hour per day of gym . I rest about 2 days a week. I am achieing weight loss pretty rapidly by doing a less than 1500 cal diet (SUBWAY!!.. LOL, shite works PEOPLE!) and excersizing. However In weekends i do indulge in something like a Burger from Cheese Cake factory, ad that doesnt seem to effect my Weight. Suposedly my body fat at this moment is at 18%, am also naturaly BIG, My wrists are prety big, so What I am planning to do is to start my First cycle within 1 week. Already ordered my Gear, now is the game of sit and weight (pun intended)..


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    How much do you weigh now? Also, if you have been on 1500 cals a day for 4 months now I would get my body fat checked more acurately. "Supposedly" sounds like your guessing. At that low a cal intake per day you may have lost a lot of muscle. In fact you should have lost muscle. I would make sure your bf is not higher than you think just to make sure. Otherwise cutting may be even more difficult in the future. Good luck.

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