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    Need some experienced opinions....

    I would just like to get some experienced opinions on a cycle I will be running in a month or so. I currently have 4 weeks left out of a T3/Clen /Var cycle. I have been running the Var at anywhere from 15-30 mg daily, to compensate for higher doses of the T3.

    I have had great succes and a VERY clean diet. After I am done with this I will be at about 9-10 % BF ( very good for me). I was wondering I would like to transition into a cycle to stay at a low body fat while adding strength.

    First ? is it okay to run this right after the T3 ,Clen or should I wait. Secondly if I can proceed what would you recommend. I was thinking some winny, EQ, furazabol, extend the var maybe????/

    Just want some opinions---by the way test really does not agree with my hairline and as I am only 23 would like to keep hair as long as possible. Already on Propecia etc.

    Thanks for the help!!1

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