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    end of t3 cycle, problems

    i took cycleon's t3 cycle with 100tabs along with clen , test and winstrol . well here's my problem: i am on my last day of 12.5mcg of t3 and the past few days, i have been tired as hell... tuesday night i slept 6hrs. worked about 6 hrs wednesday until noon. at noon i went home and went to sleep and slept until 730 pm. i then woke up and ate a few times, by 1130 i was tired again so i went back to sleep until 5am. went to work until 10am, slept from 1030 am till 230pm. so in fewer words, all im doing is sleeping like a bitch. i attribute it to my thyroid not fully functional yet. does anyone know if this is what it is or what i can do about it. i have more t3 should i try to run 12.5 mg longer? I cant sleep like this forever?


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    i' de like to know too, for i have this same problem of been tired all the time....

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    how long was you on t3 and did you cycle it pyramid style
    also have you dropped other aas or are you still on them and clen

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