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    Cut & Harden - rookie needs help

    I'm a rookie, 1st timer on gear - needing some feedback.

    Currently 5'11", 245 lbs. approx. 11 - 12% BF - lifetime natural. Have experimented with the prohormones, but never the real gear. Nobody believes me, but to hell with them - don't hate me cause you ain't me.

    Wouldn't mind putting on another 5 - 10 lbs., but I'm more interested in getting leaner and harder, maintaining the size already have. My body responds well genetically to supps, so I'll be able to go with moderate dosages I think.

    I've read up a little on EQ, Winny, and test - not sure what to combine or if I'm even barking up the right tree. All feedback is appreciated.

    Thanks everyone . . .

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    I see you are a newbie to the board........So welcome

    As for the cycle you are looking for, well i guess i would use something like a 10 week cycle of EQ/Test Prop/Winny and possibly (tren aka Fina, most people don't recommend Fina for first time users, but i feel that if enough research has been done & you can deal with the every day injections then what the hell.....go for it!)

    Do a little research on EACH of these compounds and see you what you can come up with dosage wise. Then post what you have in mind and we can help tweek it a little to better serve you.

    Oh yeah make sure you read up on Nolvadex , clomid, and all the other anti-e's.


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    Sounds to me like you are geneticly gifted and i wouldn't use to much gear if i was you, if you respond well to prohormons, you will respond GREAT to gear.

    This is what i would do as you are a first timer:
    100mg Test Prop EOD
    300 mg of EQ / week
    50mg Winny ED
    a little bit of arimidex and you are set... be honest with you i think you would do just fine using only 2 out of 3 comounds listed by me...Prop and Winny would be good for solid gains, and don't let people tell you that more is better because most of the time it is NOT...try a low dosage and then you can always go up from there...good luck...XXL

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