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    Question planned last cycle..suggestions welcome!!

    week--DBol (thai)---Test Enanthate ------EQ--------Fina-----Winny
    -4-----35mgs/ed --500mgs/week---400mgs/week
    Quality Vet on Test and EQ,Thai Dbol, and TTOKKYO fina (they make something similar, forget name right now), dont know what kind of winny (suggestions?)
    Clomid after last shot of winny
    Nolva on hand

    6'3 225lbs 12%bf 21 yrs.

    Any suggestions of brand of gear would help and any other input would be greatly appreciated. This is my 3rd cycle which i am organizing to start the first week of january and run it through april. Trying to go big on this one. Want to get up to about 250+ then start to trim down. Gonna cost a lil so i wanted to run it by everyone before i started to purchase. Looking to start some of the purchasing next week so quick advice and suggestions needed. THANKS BROS

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    looks like a kick ass cycle but no need to pyramid test unless you want --has no benefit--i'd go 750 for weeks 3 and 4 also at least if you still want to pyramid
    well thought out cycle

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    Run the test at 750mg/week for the first 2-3 weeks (you don't need to do this, it's optional). Jump starts your cycle... then run it at 500mg/week the rest of the way out... I would run the test and Eq through week 13. That gives you your three-week window to your clomid therapy...

    As far as brands, I guess it depends on what is available to you. QV is a good choice for your test. I would make my own Fina. It's just cheaper.
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    I'm with NoLimits on this one bro.

    I would make my own fina too...its a hell of a lot cheaper than buying TT's premade product . Also run the winny at 50mg/ED instead of EOD...JMO.

    Good luck bro.

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