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    My Current Cycle...

    I started this cycle 6 weeks ago. When I started, I was 213lbs @ 14-15%bf

    Here it is:
    weeks 1-25, Test Enant 750mg/w
    weeks 1-5, 50-100mg ** Dbol (I didn't respond well to them)
    weeks 1-5, Homemade Fina 150mg/d
    week 6, 2 shots of 5000iu HCG spaced 5 days apart
    weeks 6-15, EQ 600mg/w
    weeks 6-15, Winny 50mg/d
    week 16, 2 shots of 5000iu HCG spaced 5 days apart
    weeks 16-25, Deca 600mg/w
    weeks 20-25, Dbol (gonna use thais, as they work better for me)
    week 26, 2 shots of HCG again
    weeks 26-30 Test Prop 100mg/d
    weeks 31-33 Clomid

    Currently I am 229 @ 14%.

    I may start a keto diet and turn weeks 6-15 into a cutting cycle, and then back to bulking weeks 16-25

    Let me know what you guys think.

    I am currently in week 6 of my cycle.

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    thats a long cycle --well put together though
    the cutting mid cycle may not work well but this should be a big gaining cycle

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    Well, I'm approaching the end of week 6. I started keto dieting on Tuesday and something really weird happened. I dropped 11lbs between Tues and Thurs. I'm thinking the only logical explanation is 1) water weight or 2) food weight.

    Well, I am at 219 today, didn't check bf. Strength has continued to increase steadily. Feeling a lot harder and fuller, even with no carbs in me. I am taking 200mg r-ALA with each of 5 meals.

    Oh, and I also started T3 at the same time as the keto diet. I am working up to 140-200mcg a day.

    Well that's it for this week's update. Oh and I took the first HCG shot on Tues, and I'll be taking another on Sunday.


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    I haven't updated this in a while, and unfortunately its because I haven't been making it into the gym....

    I got extremely sick almost 2 weeks ago, and it has kept me from the gym this entire time. I hope to start again tomorrow. I feel smaller and I know its because I haven't been eating well (I don't think I went over 1000-1500 cals on any given day, and almost no protein, all carbs/fats) while I was sick. I stocked the fridge up and am starting to eat better again. Hopefully all my strength and size comes back quickly and I can continue to grow on this cycle.


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    massive cycle.. good luck

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    In a cage near you...
    I like it...Good luck with it bro...

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