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    Getting ready to start first cycle--critique

    Ok, I'm getting ready to start my first cycle I'm currently 21 and have been consistently lifting hard since I was 18. I've actually been lifting since I was 16.. I'm 6-2, 195-200 lbs with a very low bodyfat. I've been researching this cycle for a little over a year. Here's what my cycle looks like:
    Weeks 1-4 Russian d-bol 30mg ed
    Weeks 1-8 500mg every week of ICN Galinka Test enath.
    Weeks 1-13 .5 arimidex ed, 2000mg of ALA ed, 320 mg of Saw Palmetto extract ed, 1/4 tab of proscar ed, spiro cream ed, vitamin B5 10grams ed..

    clomid therapy goes like this:
    300mg 1st day
    100mg 10 days
    50mg 10 days
    50mg eod 10 days

    Here's my questions:
    1) I should start clomid therapy 3 weeks after last test enath. injection. Right? So I should start it on week 11..
    2) Should I run arimidex at .25 or .5 ed? I have nolvadex on hand also.
    3) What else should I use post cycle, other than HCG , to help keep gains? I was thinking creatine at 10 grams ed, and glutamine at 30 grams ed along with the clomid, arimidex, and ala.
    4) Another option I was looking at, was running 40mg of papervar, starting on week 6 and going until I start clomid at week 11. So, that would be 5 weeks of 40mg var. Should I bump it up to 60mg? Would it be worth it? I'd liek to keep as much gains as possible.

    As you can tell, I plan for the worst. I have my nizoral 2%, proscar, spiro cream, minoxidil & azelaic acid, saw palmetto berry extract & nixoin shampoo for hairloss. I also have my vitamin b5, ordering the Proactiv acne complex, Oxy-10, Neutrogena body wash,a nd azelaic acid for acne. I also have a shitload of protein containers stored away and have already begun storing my fish, steak, ect. from the Schwann's man.

    I hope to keep 20 pounds of muscle after this cycle, as my ideal bodyweight is 220-225. Possible?
    Any suggestins would be helpful. thanks.

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    2-3 weeks after you last injection of test, but bro i would say you need an anabolic in there, something along the lines of Deca ,Primo, Winny or the best: EQUIPOISE !!! yum yum.....

    For Armidex it is ok to use 1/2 a table every other day or a whole one every three days. Use this pattern throughout your cycle but when using clomid throw in Nolvadex at 10-20 mgs a day or more as it share similar properties to clomid for keeping post cycle gains, but that little chemical difference will make a big impact!!!

    HCG isn't a good idea post cycle as it will bump your already rising oestrogen levels up through the roof!!! consider doing a little bridge of 20 mgs or more of d-bol, taken all at once so your balls aren't affected or primo att 200mgs+ a week as this too doesn't affect your balls, otherwise use glutamine,Tribullus,HMB,ZINC,etc......

    AS for a 20lb gain, anything is possible, but as for keeping it, without that 300mgs plus of Equipoise or deca at 400mgs a week or winny to harden up your loose gains from test and d-bol i reckon you run the risk of loosing alot of it, just throw a cheap anabolic in.......deca.........urghhhh can believe i said that..but if you can get it use Eq.

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    good looking cycle except start clomid 1 week after test enth. if it was sus or omni then 3 weeks but test enth lasts about 1 week --i like var idea at end then to clomid,which you could then wait till week 11 to start clomid if you do var, or like magnus said eq works great

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