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    Critique my cycle

    Hey bros tell me what you think. My last cycle only consited of Brovel T-200 800mgs 10weeks & Brovel Norandan 150mgs 8weeks. This is my first time using Anadrol , primoteston250 and QV eq. Here is a list of what I have.

    50tabs - Ttokkyo Labs Anadrol-50
    5 x 10cc - Brovel T-200
    3 x 10cc - QV EQ-200
    12 x 1cc - Primoteston Depot 250
    Hcg & clomed

    Here is how I was thinking of running it.

    50mg week 1 - a50
    75mg week 2 - a50
    100mg week 3 & 4 - a50

    800mg weeks 1-10 - t200
    600mg weeks 1-10 - eq200


    50mg week 1 - a50
    75mg week 2 - a50
    100mg week 3 & 4 - a50

    500mg weeks 1-10 - t200
    250mg weeks 1-10 - primoteston250
    600mg weeks 1-10 eq

    followed by hcg and clomed. I will have some nolvadex and some milk thistle or ala on hand before I start. i want to run ala or milk thistle from weeks 1-10 but I dont know the dose.

    *edit* Stats: age 22, Height 5'5", Weight 145, BF 5%. Im very lean and crazy vascular. I gained 28 lbs my last cycle and kept 22-25 lbs.

    Thanks in advance.
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    primo test and t200 is pretty much the same thing so either cycle looks good
    i'm impressed you have really done your homework
    the only thing i would do is extend eq to 12 weeks--2 weeks past test then 2-3 weeks later start clomid

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