1-5 50mgs d-bol
1-12 750mgs test e
start weight: 252

hey guys i started my cycle last sunday, im done with my third shot and going on my fourth injection. im also up 10lbs started at 252 and now at 263. my face doesn't look to have changed at all either. i have been slacking on my diet and for the last week i've only been eatin 1gram per body wight for these fist 2 weeks.
also a couple of promblems,
my back is abnormally tight and sometimes cant finish my squats.
also ive never had any sort of anger problem, but today in wieghts i got real angry and it wouldn't go away.

i shot my first injection in the right thigh and was sore as hell. then the other two in the delts, i like the delts alot better than the thigh so i might rotate delt injections. delts dont cripple me as much as the thigh shots.