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    Talking GhostCrab First Cycle Log

    Hey everyone, well I'm on my way, I must say that it was a long time coming, but I believe I have finally plateaued naturally and now, today I have begun my first cycle of sust 325 .5 ml eod. I will also be running letro at .25 mcgs ed because of being prone to gyno and for water retention. I will be running a ten week cycle and finish up with a nolva,clomid, and liquidex pc. First inj was in the right quad and went in nice and smooth, wasn't that bad, I was so excited! haha well, here's my stats as of now
    23 yo
    214 lbs
    u decide the body fat
    training for 7 years
    I am going to be doing minimum 5 days lifting, and add in three days of cardio in addition, so i'll probably be doubling up with a morning and night session once in a while.
    My diet which has still yet to be calculated consists of eggs and oats in the morning, and throughout the day alternating between lean steak, chicken breast, fish (salmon, tuna, tilapia, sea bass) other sources of protein include 35 g protein shakes in between meals. carb sources will include wheat pasta, potato, brown rice, wheat bagels. As for alternating greens, brocolli, asparagus, peas, brussel sprouts, romaine salads...
    I also eat A LOT OF SUSHI, when i say this, i mean like at least 2-3 times a week, which i believe is more than the average sushi goer, so when i do this I'll smack down 4-6 rolls of salmon, eel, tuna, crab meat..
    But basic rule of thumb will be a meal no sooner than 3 hours, no later than 4 hours a part. These meals will consist of carbs proteins and greens, with less carbs as the day ends. I am also going to keep an eye on my sodium intake as well.
    As for additional supplements, I have green tea tabs for antioxidants, liver multivitamin, gnc mutli vitamin, thermogenic for pre-workouts, fish oil, BCAAS.
    Of course as always i will be drinking a ton of water daily, I'm all stocked up!
    Well anyway, this is my course of action and I am going to continue to push myself to my limits with the help of my new AS. I will continue to post results if anyone is interested, thanks for all the support!
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    Seems like you done your research, also looking pretty stout so you should notice some nice gains, keep us posted with updated pics

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