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Thread: test cyp n dbol

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    test cyp n dbol

    im running roughly 833 mgs of test cyp a week for 12 weeks a and 30mgs of dbol a days for weeks 1-4
    im 5'9 189 when i started on monday today is friday and im at about 192 im assumeing the gain is from the dbol does that sound right? how quick does the dbol really start to show results?what should i be taking during cylce to keep side effects down? pct should be the clomi any help or constructive comments would be greatly appricieated thanks guys

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    wow thats a lot of test, is this your first cycle? Dbol would kick in within a few days while the test is going to take a couple of weeks for you to feel the full effect.. so your gains are mostly water weight from the dbol for now, go check out the pct forum you should def have something on hand in case of gyno.. also what are your stats and you should post some pics and keep a log

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