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    Question Comment on cycle, add suggestions

    I am 28, 5'9, 200, 18%bf. This is what my next cycle looks like, let me know what you think. I have taken basic AS for a few years now. Now want to add gh.

    wks 1-12 test enethate 750mg/wk
    wks 1-6 tren . 75mg/eod
    wks 7-12 winny 50mg/eod
    wks 1-20 hgh 28iu/wk 2iu in morning & 2iu before working out
    wks 1-13 arimadex 1tab/eod
    come off using the gains keeper formula

    this is what i am looking at for my nest cycle. i was wondering what some major players think and if i should add insulin and deca .

    thanks for all the help.

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    No need for deca or slin IMO. Rest of the cycle looks good except I would run the tren /winny ED instead of EOD. Most people I know who are on GH however tend to shoot it in the late afternoon and then take a nap or they shoot it prior to going to sleep, whatever works for you though.

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