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    Can you help me get on track??

    i'm sorry if this is posted in the wrong forum, i dont know where i should put it? but i figued you guys had the most experience.

    i'm 20 years old
    6-2" 180lbs

    i dont want to juice
    but i want to get my whole shit together

    diet wise and routine.
    i need to be told what to do and as long as u tell me what to do and
    what not i can do it. i can't tell myself what to do because i'm lazy hehe. but i'm sayin i want to eat about 6meals a day, and i'm not sure how many days a week i should go to the gym? just any idea's would be good. i have been "lifting" for a while but as u can see, not soo seriously.

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    First of all, it's good that you aren't looking to juice yet; you're still only 20 yrs old, and like you said you don't have all of your shit together.

    As far as workouts, you could go with something basic like working each bodypart once per week:


    As far as diet, well that is all about discipline and desire. It's not extremely easy putting down 3500 - 4000 cals a day, especially when you first start. No one can make you do it but yourself. I'd say first figure out your goals; weight, strength, health, whatever you're doing it for. And then go through everyday thinking about and determined to reach those goals. I'm assuming you want to add mass .. so you have to want to EAT. Basically just start eating all the time, and when you think you are eating all the time then eat some more. Don't forget about protein shakes & MRP's, both are good ways to add cals to the diet. Just some thoughts .. you might want to get more opinions from some of the other experienced members.


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    thanks, again- i really hope people don't flame me for posting this here, and i did look in the educational section but i couldn't really find anything similar.

    yes i forgot to mention that i want to bulk and add some mass. i'd like to weigh 200lbs, and i'm gonna set that as my first goal. should i give myself a time frame to meet it? i realize i have a high metabolism and got to eat a lot, i bought a few boxes of isopure mrp's and 2 jugs of whey powder. are weight gainers okay to use and add to my diet too? i know that nothing can replace the nutritional values of real food but sometimes you just don't have the time to eat a real meal (like me). i am starting my new job soon so i have to wait untill i start this job and figure out the time schedule and shit bcuz i have to kno where the next meal is coming from and when i can eat it.

    oh and yes i am determined, i'm lazy when it comes to my diet and thats why i dont grow. i have no problem getting up and going to the gym. when i was going through puberty i ate like a fuckin pig all the time, when was i not eating? now..... i got to force myself to eat, i feel like if i eat anymore i will get sick and that was @ only 4k calories a day.. is there anything i can do ( or don't do) or take that will make me hungry? prolly sounds lame. maybe some of you know how it feels, maybe not. but i will just have to suck it up somehow. i just dont like preparing meals either, i like to unwrap something and just eat it.
    feel me?

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