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    Skinny fat guy wants to be big, but is now on HRT treatment.

    Hello gents and ladies

    I am a 26 year old man, recently found out that i was diagnosed with klinefelters syndrome. I am wondering what kinds of results or potential possibilities could associate me with size gain.

    I want to be bigger, stronger and more cut. I once was a lot bigger even just a few months ago, i was 6 2 195 with good size, now I would say lack of good dieting and lack water intake, my body has dimenished quite tremendously.

    I am wondering, I have a weekely treatment of using TEST CYPIONATE 200mg/ml
    I was thinking since i was going to get started on this juice for life that i start off by taking double the amount at first then going down after the first 10weeks back to the regular amount suggested by my doctor.

    here is what i was thinking, i have some Proviron i can take with it at first for 40days too.

    weeks 1-10 400mg test cypionate
    *after that for life down to the recommended amount=200mg/week

    Does anyone know if i have a killer diet, train a ton, lift weights, run, run stairs etc, if i will gain a significant amount of weight?

    Please let me know, my body needs some size and i know my Test theropy will help more things then one, i am just curious if you have any idea what it might do and if my cycle idea or HRT start sounds like a good thing?

    Thanks alot and have a merry chrismas!

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    i cant give u any advice because i have never juices but i was wondering if u can explain ur problem and sysmtoms cause i am stuggling with low sec drive a mediocer test levels and im only 20.

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