Ok Bro's, I'm brand new to this board, I'm on other boards alot, but wanted to get some more feedback before I start my second cycle......21 years old, 5'6, 167, 8%.....first cycle this summer was 300 Deca /W, 500 Sust/W, l-dex, for 10 weeks followed by 3 weeks of clomid therapy I gained about 20 lbs off of it and have been able to keep about 95% of it. Here's what I am thinking for my next one, I wanna stay rather lean and put on quality mass with little water retension:
Weeks 1-3 Test Prop 100mg eod (only 1/2 cc when combining with aratest)
Weeks 1-10 Aratest 750mg Weekly (3 injections weekly)
Weeks 1-10 EQ 400mg Weekly (2 injections)
Weeks 3-10 Tren 75mg ED
Weeks 1-10 Adex .25 ED
Every two weeks rotating clen (4 tabs)/xenedrine
Clomid/HCG at end of cycle

What do ya think, any advice positive or negative would be great!