Ok, here we go i havent made a post here in a while i got a couple questions but first i would like to say hello to everyone and give you guys a little backround. i have been lifting heavily for the past 4 years and been lifting for about 8 i just recently in the past 6 months, and after reading up on this site for a good 5 months AAS is where i landed.


Height -5'8
Weight- 185
Age- 24
BMI- 10%

Cycle experience- first cycle i ran Test E for 10 weeks or so alone, second cycle used Test E again (because i had vials left) with some Dbol about 2 months after my first cylcle, and PCT with Clomid and noveldex on both if needed.

will post up diet if asked, been a little off tempo past weeks due to work.

Around 5500 calories per day
Carbs- 400-800
Protein- 400-600- eggs, fish, red meat, chicken, whey.
will post up actual diet later on

Gain 10-15 pounds lean muscle

QUESTION- i have been doing some research about my next cycle and a couple of my buddies have a hybrid AAS that contain Tren A, Masterone, and Test P. im looking to gain about 10-15 lbs of solid muscle and have been looking for a good cutting cycle and would like to know some of thoughts for a next cycle after my Test E?