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    My newest cycle!

    Whats up guys. I have been a member here for a little bit, and been reading around on here for years. I am 22 years old. Yes, I know I am young. I am in this for life. Been lifting for about 6 years all out. Diet is always on point. That means I always track protein, carbs, fats, etc and adjust based on my goals. Everything from clean food sources. No junk. Just a little background on me, in highschool I weighed 300 pounds and was disgustingly obese. At the age of 15 I started dieting and though the diet may have gotten a little extreme(barely eating anything!) I lost 140 pounds within 5 months. I also lost any muscle mass I may have had before, and yet again was disgusted with how I looked. I had always been obsessed with the idea of being the biggest, leanest, and strongest guy in the world. I decided to take up bodybuilding and devote my self 100% to achieving my goals. At the age of 20 I started my fist cycle. I took test/tren . The tren, I later found out, was actually deca . I gained 57 lbs on that cycle..... Yes, you read that correctly. For some reason, my body likes to hold water. I was eating 6500+ kcals/day and lifting heavy. After coming off I almost immediately lost 20 lbs of water. Eventually I dieted back down to my current weight of 223 lbs at 10% bodyfat. Like I said before, I am in this for life, and nothing will ever keep me from achieving the physique I strive for. I will do everything. No sacrifice, No victory!
    So, with that I present my next cycle!
    Test prop- 500 mgs/week
    Tren A- 400mgs/week
    Masteron -500mgs/week
    Purpose of the cycle is to get into the low single-digit body fat percentile. I am talking contest ready. If I can achieve the physique I may have after this cut, I will compete.
    Initiation date will be the beginning of May. Any questions or comments welcomed. Please, no flaming. I have heard it all before about how I am too young, or taking tren causes too many side effects. I have been researching steroids since I was 15, knowing one day I would use them, and use them correctly. I am prepared mentally for any side effects.
    Diet will start out at approx. Protein-450g Carbs-195g, fat-40g and will taper carbs down as the weeks continue.
    I do cardio 7 days a week for 45 mins
    I lift 6 days a week, and currently am following a back/tris Chest/bis Legs delt 4 day split. I will post with any results and before and after pictures! Just wanted to let you all know of coming attractions! Take care gents

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